Tuesday, May 3, 2011


His eyes are brown!

I don't remember them brown. 

I remember them blue.  Not as blue as my eyes.  But blue.

What does this mean when I can't remember the eyes I first fell in love with?  It's so confusing.  I know I have not seen him for years, but, even with life moving on in different directions, the love is still there.  Even as we both moved on to different marriages, the love remained. 

But, his eyes are brown.

My heart feels like it is being torn in two.  How can it be that I remember it wrong?  Does it mean I remember the rest wrong as well?  Maybe the love is not there anymore either?  Maybe he is not what I remember?  I just want to say to him, do you realise your eyes are brown?

Maybe I will.

I know that the whole thing makes no sense whatsoever.  But, it was a sudden burst of adrenaline, to see something that I had so forgotten.  Life has a way of removing the bad, and leaving the good.  I guess it has a way of removing the insignificant, and leaving the important as well.

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