Friday, November 4, 2011

And how things are going....

It seems like so much has crammed itself into the last month.

The husband was diagnosed with colon cancer. He had no symptoms if cancer at all, but all the symptoms of period pains! Fortunately he was suffering from pain, or otherwise the tumor would have gone undetected for years. It was fast growing, less than 10 months old.

We were all shocked, his doctors, the proctologist and us.

On the day of his colonoscopy, he passed blood. That was the first symptom typical of colon cancer. From that morning when his 3 day old blood test results were normal, he was a cancer patient. He had afternoon tests. It came back that in the few days between tests, he was anemic. Being dark skinned, it didn't show. That was symptom 2.

We met the surgeon, a week after diagnosis. He talked us through the surgery, it was going to be keyhole and short. The tumor was 8cm in length. He was scheduled for an iron infusion and we met sundry medical professionals. Then he was in for surgery. He lost 13 kilos from diagnosis to surgery- symptom 3.

The actual surgery was nothing short of amazing. His surgeon was beyond impossible, the house surgeons keep checking his stitches and his charts saying, "but that's impossible"... They removed 60cm of colon with a 10cm tumor in it. The surgery took 4 1/2 hours. The tumor was larger than at the colonoscopy.

He has stage 3 colon cancer, as it had infected 2 of his lymph nodes. But, his surgeon is positive. He will get chemotherapy in the new year for 6 months.

It all became rather serious rather quickly.

He is recovering well, and back at work. It's almost like a bad dream, except, his togs and his pants are too loose, and he has a scar where they had to slice out the colon when the surgery ran long.

Am I worried? Yeah, I am. Will he die? I don't know.

I've never claimed to have a perfect marriage. We fight, and we have so much that we disagree on. My lack of child bearing and the inter-racial issues do make things difficult, but, i still love him, and it pains me to see him sick or in pain.

I do believe that everything happens for a reason.

Finding it is hard.

I also believe that we keep being given challenges until we learn the lesson the universe is offering. I hope to learn this one soon.

I also know that we are never tested beyond what we can bear.

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  1. I also believe in universe's drive to teach us lessons. I'm thinking of you and yours today.

  2. Glad he is recovering and the surgery went well. Hope there is only improvement from here on out. Thanks for linking to the NOBH.