Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So much going on!

Well, with school starting up this week, EEEP!  It has been a busy, busy time.

But, there is news.

Or is that there are news?

Who cares... I have news!

I opened an Etsy store.  So many people have been asking about my hats, and while I have been happily making them for friends and family (whether they want them or not) and I shall continue to do so, I thought I could open a store that I could use as fund-raising for Peru.

Why Peru?

I know right, odd.  Well, I wrote a novel.  And to write the sequel I need to be fluent in Spanish.  Personally, heading to Spain would be a brilliant move, but, that is more expensive from my side of the globe, and I kind of want to save that trip for after my novel gets published.  (If you are a publisher or literary agent, seriously, I would love to have a chat sometime).

So, Peru.  I've signed up for a Spanish course this year, which will be tough.  But, there is a great chance to head to a language school in Peru for a few weeks later in the year.  Still, I need three grand.  Do I think I will sell that much in hats?  Nope.  But, any hat sale helps in the goal really.

Head over to my new Etsy store to check out my one listing.  I shall add more shortly :D

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A day at the coast

Yesterday we were meant to be heading to an airshow.  I'm stoked that with the weather, we decided not to.  We have been in the past, and the planes are pretty much the same every year.  However, the day was not wasted.  We headed out to the South Wairarapa coastline.

We drove to Cape Palliser, where we climbed the 252 steps to the top of the lighthouse.  Talk about steep!  But the view was more than worth it.

Then we headed down to the beach, and collected some kelp for the garden.  There is something so entrancing about watching the ocean.

Then we went to my favourite place in the area- the Fur Seal Colony.  It is so cool that there are still places where we can pull up the car and just be with wild animals in their environment.  The seals kind of just take us in their stride.  They certainly move when you get to close, and they bark if you push your luck, but they are peaceful and wonderful to watch.  They seem to show off for the camera.

Then it was time for dinner, and the Lake Ferry Hotel it is.  Not hot on class or sophistication, what they have is fresh produce served, cooked well, and a laid back atmosphere.  I'm hooked. 

Tragically, I don't go to the coast as often as I would like.  I often head to Lake Wairarapa to read or write, or into the Tararua Ranges, but the coast gets left off.  I think maybe it is to keep the experience special, as something to share and enjoy.  Either way, I love the coast.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Centus Saturday - The Lottery Ticket

The lottery ticket sat before me.  Seven, twenty five, thirty one, twelve, eighteen, thirty seven, nine.  Another week, another set of losing numbers.

(25 words max.  Starter:  The lottery ticket)

N is for...

I was going to just not write this letter, as only one thing came to mind.

But to those of you who know me well, they know that N is for No Kids.

I don't have any children.  I wish more than anything that I did.  Most of the time.  My sister has 2 adorable babies, and I have none.  We just celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary.  I have watched my best friends get married, have children and grow up, and part of me feels so left behind.

True, I have my students.  I have my puppies.

But I have always wanted to have a large family.  As time goes by, I realise that this is not going to be my lot in life.  I have come to terms with it, for myself.  But, every time I find out that someone around me is expecting, I get a little sad.

One day I may be able to adopt.  Which I think has always been my real dream behind the large family dream.  Until then, I shall have to just be happy with what I have.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Another resolution

I have been doing a lot of thinking about travel.

This year I am going to get really organised and apply for the AFS Teacher exchange to Asia.  My choices of country to visit would be as follows:
1.  China - to see the Beijing Opera and diabolo stuff
2.  Vietnam - to see the legendary water puppetry
3.  Indonesia - to see their shadow puppets

Yes, the Drama teacher in me comes out.  Narrowing the list down to 3 was hard!  I still feel like I want to put Japan in the list, Kabuki theatre and all that.  Sigh.  So many options.  But, as the award is an all-expenses paid trip, the selection process is tough, and I cannot get my hopes up for selection.  But, I am mega keen.  :D

I also have been looking at the STA experience travels, and I think I would like to participate in one of their language immersion trips.  They do one to Cuzco to learn Spanish.  I figured out it would cost about $3000 for flights and the course, so once I sort myself out, I may have to start saving.  I have always wanted to live overseas and to learn another language, so this one has been excited to say the least.  I'd even get to stay with a family in their home, which would be so wonderful.

But, the realities of life must take over for now.  I have goals to achieve, and the Cuzco trip can only be a reward if I manage the others.  But it is exciting to think about. :D

M is for my Mother

M is for my mother.

Tom, the marine biologist, shows my mother and I how to feed the stingrays

Basically, in short, (as she is) my mother is one of the strongest people I know.  She annoys me, oh yes.  But, I admire her a great deal.  She has undergone radical cancer treatment, including radiation, chemo, ongoing drugs, breast removal, lymph removal and all that stuff.  However, she has never complained.  In fact, when she was first diagnosed she said, "Well, rather me than someone else.  1 in 3 gets cancer, who would you rather it be, me, Juanita or Katrina?  (My sister and I)  I've had a good quality of life, and this is okay".  And she dealt with it.

She even helps my sister with her 2 kids, me with my broken ankle recently, both of them giving up way too much time to make costumes for my school production recently.   And she doesn't stop.

Last week we went to Auckland, to go swimming with stingrays.

My mother doesn't swim.

But, she got in the water, hand-fed these 200 kilo beasts, and felt better for it.

She has guts of steel, that woman.  And so I dedicate this M for my Mother.

Jenny Matlock

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Watching a bride and groom doing their last minute planning, I got to thinking. I have long thought that weddings are odd. There's all the happy people smiling for no reason, pointless expense and in the background, people hoping it will all last.

As a married woman this seems odd, right? I'd rather not be married myself. There's too much involved and the rules do change. I love my husband, even if I want to push him off a cliff sometimes, but that love wouldn't disappear if the piece of paper didn't exist. I often want a divorce just to prove that I am still my own person and I decide who I want to be with.

If I was to do it over, I wouldn't be getting married at all. I don't see the point anymore. Not that I really saw the point back then either. My wedding day was anything but great. People all wanted something from me that I didn't want to offer. So much for it being my special day, it was a day for other people. I don't look back fondly at all.

But, I don't believe in looking back anyway. I believe in looking forward and planning ahead, which is why I guess people do get married. To those in white dresses this weekend, make the most of your future. To those not marrying this weekend, the world looks just as fondly on you.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dogs on Thursday

Above:  The 2 beagle toys we bought on a recent trip to New Caledonia to substitute for the 2 at the bottom.
Below:  Rosie and Spice guarding the door.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Butterflies

It may be wordless Wednesday, but this one needs words.... :D 
Sailing up to the small Pacific Island of Lifou, about a thousand butterflies flew over the ship and gathered around the radar.  Beautiful and haunting and such an occasion to render me speechless.