Friday, January 7, 2011

Another resolution

I have been doing a lot of thinking about travel.

This year I am going to get really organised and apply for the AFS Teacher exchange to Asia.  My choices of country to visit would be as follows:
1.  China - to see the Beijing Opera and diabolo stuff
2.  Vietnam - to see the legendary water puppetry
3.  Indonesia - to see their shadow puppets

Yes, the Drama teacher in me comes out.  Narrowing the list down to 3 was hard!  I still feel like I want to put Japan in the list, Kabuki theatre and all that.  Sigh.  So many options.  But, as the award is an all-expenses paid trip, the selection process is tough, and I cannot get my hopes up for selection.  But, I am mega keen.  :D

I also have been looking at the STA experience travels, and I think I would like to participate in one of their language immersion trips.  They do one to Cuzco to learn Spanish.  I figured out it would cost about $3000 for flights and the course, so once I sort myself out, I may have to start saving.  I have always wanted to live overseas and to learn another language, so this one has been excited to say the least.  I'd even get to stay with a family in their home, which would be so wonderful.

But, the realities of life must take over for now.  I have goals to achieve, and the Cuzco trip can only be a reward if I manage the others.  But it is exciting to think about. :D

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  1. You go, miss! And don't forget to have fun on the way...