Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So much going on!

Well, with school starting up this week, EEEP!  It has been a busy, busy time.

But, there is news.

Or is that there are news?

Who cares... I have news!

I opened an Etsy store.  So many people have been asking about my hats, and while I have been happily making them for friends and family (whether they want them or not) and I shall continue to do so, I thought I could open a store that I could use as fund-raising for Peru.

Why Peru?

I know right, odd.  Well, I wrote a novel.  And to write the sequel I need to be fluent in Spanish.  Personally, heading to Spain would be a brilliant move, but, that is more expensive from my side of the globe, and I kind of want to save that trip for after my novel gets published.  (If you are a publisher or literary agent, seriously, I would love to have a chat sometime).

So, Peru.  I've signed up for a Spanish course this year, which will be tough.  But, there is a great chance to head to a language school in Peru for a few weeks later in the year.  Still, I need three grand.  Do I think I will sell that much in hats?  Nope.  But, any hat sale helps in the goal really.

Head over to my new Etsy store to check out my one listing.  I shall add more shortly :D

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