Thursday, January 6, 2011


Watching a bride and groom doing their last minute planning, I got to thinking. I have long thought that weddings are odd. There's all the happy people smiling for no reason, pointless expense and in the background, people hoping it will all last.

As a married woman this seems odd, right? I'd rather not be married myself. There's too much involved and the rules do change. I love my husband, even if I want to push him off a cliff sometimes, but that love wouldn't disappear if the piece of paper didn't exist. I often want a divorce just to prove that I am still my own person and I decide who I want to be with.

If I was to do it over, I wouldn't be getting married at all. I don't see the point anymore. Not that I really saw the point back then either. My wedding day was anything but great. People all wanted something from me that I didn't want to offer. So much for it being my special day, it was a day for other people. I don't look back fondly at all.

But, I don't believe in looking back anyway. I believe in looking forward and planning ahead, which is why I guess people do get married. To those in white dresses this weekend, make the most of your future. To those not marrying this weekend, the world looks just as fondly on you.

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