Sunday, December 11, 2011

With one more sleep to go....

Preparing to go 'under-the-knife' again tomorrow, and I am some what perplexed.  I know this is a minor surgery- to remove the screws in my ankle (that were put there last year when I broke it)... but I am still nervous about it.

I hate the anesthetic.   I don't like being aware, then suddenly unaware, then waking up nauseous. 

It's the loss of time.  I know when I have been asleep about how long I have been sleeping.  Generally I know that I will be in the same place when I wake up (baring sleeping on a train).  But in hospital, that control is all gone.  I don't worry that I won't wake up, I worry that I won't understand when I do.

And then I worry about who will or won't be there.

But, my bags are packed.  I have even stowed away chocolates into my bag.  At least this time I know what is happening.  Last time I didn't, it was just an ambulance taking me away, and I was stuck with only the clothes on my back, and the forethought of my mother to bring my phone and charger. 

So there is one more sleep, then I am gone.  By this time next week, I will be hobbling my way to Tonga............

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