Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Brief Update

Well, this is a busy time, but I think all times are busy really....

School is back on in full force, and part of me is loving it.  The other part of me is frantically trying to catch up with all the paperwork!

On Thursday, I'm off with a fantastic group of 12 kids to the New Zealand Juggling Championships and Convention in Levin.  We are teaching, learning, performing, watching, camping and running backstage stuff for the professional show, Cirque du Otaki.  It will be wonderful.  The best part is the camping methinks, we will be hanging with Circus-folk in tents!  Yay!

When that is all done and dusted, there will be planning for the History trip to the Bay of Islands, what I consider to be my spiritual homeland.  Following that, there will be *hopefully* the trip to South East Asia, and all going according to my desires, selection to travel as an exchange teacher to China.

However, April is Script Frenzy, and I want to get my classes, and myself, sorted out to conquer the challenge of a 100 page script by the end of the month!  Yay.  One does like challenge......

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