Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Surreal Moment in Time

I was going to blog about the Juggling Convention, or the Governor General.

Instead, there is the Earthquake.

I don't know how I feel about it.  Watching it on the TV is bizarre.  It doesn't look like the Christchurch I know and love.  It seems more like a war zone, or someplace foreign and removed.  But then I get a shock, the Cathedral, the place I bought bagels in the morning, a College I played against.  It all seems closer, more intimate, and scary.

It could have just as easily have happened right here.

With 65 confirmed deaths, and an expected death toll of between 200-400 people, I don't know how a nation rebuilds.  The last earthquake left the people more broken than the city.  If the people can survive this, they are amazing.

In some sort of karmic synergy, the Flower Show is meant to be next weekend, so the marquees are set up presently, and being used as temporary shelters, as well as some Civil Defense groups on a training mission in Christchurch, and a team of Doctors from Melbourne were at a conference in the center of the city.  Those small wonders will save so many people.

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